Governor Jennifer Granholm signs worker safety legislation with John DeTizio and Dale Threehouse witnessing. Presdient Al Quattrin, Rep. Frank Foster, District 2 Officers Keena Jones and Mark Krupiarz Senator Gretchen Whitmer addresses the MAGE General Council.  RTW Demonstration 12/11/12 MAGE President, Alan Quattrin and OPEIU President Michael Goodwin picketing the Red Cross in Philadelphia. MAGE Wins the Camelot award. May 2010 Rally in Detroit, Dorothy Flowers represents MAGE. 2012 General Council Delegates in action.

Michigan Association of
Governmental Employees

Where the "excluded" are "included"

MAGE - Is the Michigan Association of Governmental Employees, a non-profit corporation.   Formed in 1980,  MAGE represents active and retired State of Michigan Employees who are or were at date of retirement classified as not exclusively represented (NEREs).  The purpose of MAGE shall be to provide to the membership professional representation and pertinent information in labor relations, compensation and retirement matters.


Welcome to MAGE!

Together we can Achieve More!

Feel alone? As a MAGE member you are not alone! We need to stand together - stronger than ever before- and work to protect our rights. After all, no one else will! As long time MAGE members know, there is untold strength in numbers. In spite of past successes, our future effectiveness in these difficult times rests in your hands. Only through membership growth can MAGE continue to work and win on your behalf. With each new member, our voice gets stronger. And that has never been more important than today.

To sum it up, you need us and we need you, now more than ever before! Join your fellow non-exclusively represented employees in protecting our future. Together, we can achieve more!

Member Benefits & Application

Application for Membership

MAGE- OPEIU Local 2002 members are represented by our professional labor relations staff, our legislative lobbyists, Capitol Services, and in Board approved litigation by Brandon Zuk, of the Fraser, Trebilcock firm. Members are afforded the opportunity to serve on the Board and MAGE Committees, and become directly involved with the day to day activities of MAGE.

The Membership Benefits Program provided directly by OPEIU to all active members of MAGE-OPEIU Local 2002 includes:

  • Identity Theft Protection - activate by calling 800-789-2720 or register at
  • Nation Safe Driver Towing Benefit Card worth $200 per year.
  • A $5,000 Life Insurance Benefit* Plus a New $2,000 Life Insurance Benefit
  • A $5,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance Benefit* Plus a new $2,000 ADD Benefit
  • A $500 Disability Benefit
  • OPEIU Union Scholarships Union Plus Benefits - offers members a wide range of high quality benefits with great values in many areas, includingcredit card and mortgage services, legal services, auto purchases and rentals, travel and recreation and many more.
  • MAGE Scholarships valued at $1,000 each (usually 2 or more awarded each year). 

RETIREES - may join MAGE for $25 per year or for a $60 annual fee you can be an Enhanced Retiree Member

Enhanced Retiree Benefits include: $2,000 Accidental Death and Dismemberment Policy, Towing/service Benefit for 2 calls per year up to $100 each, Identity Theft Protection and Membership in the WellCard Health Program.


Following discussions between the unions representing NEREs and the Office of the State Employer, the Civil Service Commission has voted to support the Administration’s recommendation for NEREs as laid out in the OSE’s filing with the Coordinated Compensation Panel.  Those recommendations are as follows:

  • WAGES:  In October 2014:  2% base wage increase, and a lump sum payment equating to another .5% (not rolled into base). 
  • INSURANCES:  In October 2014 20% Employee Contribution plus additional co-pays, co-insurance and deductibles.  
The MAGE Executive Committee understands that this does not adequately address the inequity resulting from the 3% raise fiasco from 2010, and our lawsuit regarding that issue continues.  

MAGE will continue working hard to enlighten the Civil Service Commission regarding inequities for NEREs in the future.

Pictured are 2nd Vice President Brant Wimbush, Commissioners Swanson and Blockett along with MAGE President Alan Quattrin following the Civil Service Commission meeting January 15, 2014.



General Council 2014 - Nominations and Resolutions
Posted April 10, 2014

On May 10, 2014 the MAGE General Council will be held at the Best Western Plus Hotel in Lansing. Nominations and Resolutions were due in the MAGE office on March 15, and the following is a report of those items.



March Legislative Report by Todd Tennis of Capitol Services
Posted March 31, 2014

The Michigan Legislature is nearly halfway through the budget process as they prepare to take time off for much of April for their spring recess. Of course, when I say "taking time off," for most State Representatives and State Senators that means "attending town halls, hosting constituent coffee hours, reading to students at elementary schools, and knocking doors in their district."



Supreme Court Issues Orders Concerning Lawsuits
Posted January 30, 2014

THE 3% RAISE, 4% PENSION LAWSUITS & RIGHT TO WORK LAWSUIT On January 29, 2014 the Michigan Supreme Court issued three Orders concerning the above matters.