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OPEIU Announces Added Benefits for MAGE members!

Delegates to the OPEIU 26th Triennial Convention  approved a resolution which provided 2 new benefits to all OPEIU active (not retired)  members who are members in good standing for at least 12 consecutive months.  MAGE members should note that these are in addition to the Death, Accidental Death and Disability Benefits you currently enjoy!   These delegates also agreed to discontinue the PerksCard benefit which was underutilized.   The towing/service call benefit remains the same and members with the old perkscard which contained the towing benefit information on the reverse of that card can continue to keep that card as the information on that card is still correct.  That benefit allows for 2 tows per year up to 25 miles, emergency roadside assistance, and much more. 

The Fall/Winter edition of the White Collar newsletter contains your new Towing/Service Call Cards (insert between page 12 and 13), as well as the new Death Benefit Certificate and the Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit (page 7 & 8).  Please cut out and keep those pages and keep in a safe place.  To file a new beneficiary form for this added benefit please fill out the form below and return to the MAGE office.  In the event a beneficiary form is not filled out the benefit is paid to the next of kin.  If you or your family needs to file a claim, contact the MAGE office for the benefit request forms or download them from the Member Resources/Association Policies and Documents page. 

Click here for the Enrollment/Beneficiary Form from Amalgamated Life. 

Click here for the Towing Card Copy & Information and copies of the Death and Accidental Death and Dismemberment Policies

Return the Enrollment/Beneficiary Form to: 

MAGE-OPEIU Local 2002
6920 S. Cedar, Suite 7
Lansing MI  48911

Questions?  Call the MAGE office at 1-800-477-6243