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MAGE Fights Food Service Privatization

We are happy to report that MAGE has the support of Senator Casperson.  He and other legislators are willing to take a second look at the Aramark bid and our proof  that their bid was not an "apples to apples" comparison to the food and services currently provided by Corrections Food Service employees.  MAGE lobbyist Ellen Hoekstra is helping MAGE schedule meetings with other legislators, while MAGE attorney Brandon Zuk has filed a CS 138 with the Civil Service Commission.  We hope these efforts will result in the nullification of the Aramark contract.  Michigan stands to lose 375 jobs, and the monetary support of the Department of Corrections purchasing local food. 

Prison safety is another concern of  MAGE and Corrections employees.  In Illinois the privatization of food service caused rioting in the prisons.  Even small menu changes can be cause for uprisings.  And the changes suggested by Aramark are not small. 

This meeting and interviews of your MAGE President and Vice President was well covered by a local TV station, and can be viewed by clicking on this link:

MAGE continues to work to fight this and we hope you will let your legislators know that privatization is not the way to go!

Pictured Below are: (L - R) Michael DeShambo, MAGE 2nd Vice Pres., State Representative Scott Dianda, Kay Hiltunen, District 1 Director and Douglas Barry District 1 Deputy Director.  This picture was taken 7/23 at the District 1 Meeting.  Rep. Dianda was the guest speaker and is assisting MAGE in privatization of food service issue.