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3% Lawsuit Update

As you know, this has already been an arduous and protracted battle. MAGE first filed our lawsuit over the state reneging on our agreement for a 3% raise over two years ago.
  • MAGE wins a Court of Claims decision.
  • The state appealed the Court of Claims decision to the Court of Appeals, where again MAGE prevailed.
  • The State then appealed that decision to the Supreme Court and again MAGE prevailed. 
  • The case was then remanded to the Court of Appeals.
  • The Court of Appeals ruled, once again in our favor.
  • The Court of Appeals remanded the case back to the Court of Claims for a trial on damages.
  • Now, we have just been informed that the state has appealed once again to the Supreme Court.
They think they are going to wear us down, but we will not give up the fight for our members; both active and retired (who were forced to accept less retirement benefits for the rest of their lives because of  this inequity).

Keep your eye on our website as  MAGE will keep you updated on this and all of our lawsuits as the events happen.  Make sure MAGE has the correct contact information by giving us your current email address.  Drop us a line at to update your membership records, email, address or phone numbers.