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MAGE Member is a Candidate

While MAGE has a policy that prohibits us from endorsing Mr. Darga we are proud and excited that a MAGE member is a Democratic candidate to represent Michigan's 8th Congressional District.  We wish Mr. Darga all the best in this endeavor.

Mr. Darga will be holding an event on Wednesday, February 5th at 7:30 p.m. in the Capitol Area District Library located at 401 S. Capitol, Lansing in the basement auditorium.  He will be discussing "  Prosperity is not enough; why America needs to bring back manufacturing".  Everyone is invited to this free event.  Come early to meet the candidate, or join him afterwards at a nearby restaurant.

This event is not sponsored by the Capitol Area District Library or MAGE and there will be no solicitation of funds.

You can find out more about what Ken Darga stands for at