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General Council 2014 - Nominations and Resolutions


Below are the Nominations Applications received by March 15, 2014 for the term of May, 10, 2014 until the new officers are elected at General Council in May of 2016.  The nominations committee has reviewed the applications and has approved these applicants: 

MAGE President:  Alan Quattrin, Incumbent
President Quattrin has served as President for the last 3 years.  He previously served as 1st and 2nd Vice President, Director and Deputy Director of District 2.  He also chaired the Compensation Committee and served on numerous other committees over the years.  Now retired from State service he worked for 32 years in Corrections as a School Principal. 

MAGE  1st Vice President:  Michael Herendeen, Incumbent
1st Vice President Michael Herendeen has served as 1st Vice President the last 2 years.  He also served as District 6 Director and Deputy Director, as well as the Compensation Committee Chair for the last 3 years.  Mr. Herendeen, who is now retired from State service, was a state employee for 31 years, serving as a State Police Trooper, Sergeant, Union President and as an Administrative Law Judge. 

MAGE  2nd Vice President:  Brant Wimbush, Incumbent
2nd Vice President Brant Wimbush has served as 2nd Vice President since January.  Mr. Wimbush has also served as District 9 Deputy Director and on numerous committees including the Compensation Committee, the Constitution & Bylaws Committee and the Finance Committee.  Mr. Wimbush is a 15 year State employee currently employed as a Contract Administrator for the Dept. of Human Services. 

Members wishing to run for office may still do so, but must be nominated from the floor of the General Council on May 10.  If you would like to run for an office, please complete a nomination application and forward it to the MAGE office in care of the Nominations and Resolutions Committee. 


There was one resolution presented for this General Council, and it is as follows:

SUBJECT:                    Bylaws Article I, District Representation-Delegates,  Section 2. (a)
PRESENTED BY:       Constitution and Bylaws Committtee

DATE PRESENTED:  February 7, 2014

WHEREAS, interest and attendance at the General Council meeting has declined over the years AND,

WHEREAS, MAGE is best served by an interested and engaged membership AND,

WHEREAS, some Districts have a difficult time filling all the delegate positions, and may be better served by having fewer delegates who compete for the positions,  NOW THEREFORE BE IT RESOLVED, 

That MAGE Bylaws  Section 2.  District Representation-Delegates (a)  be amended, allowing one delegate for every 50 members instead of one delegate for every 40 members (see below):

Section 2.  District Representation-Delegates

Representation at the General Council shall be based on membership.  The number of delegates shall be based on enrollment of dues paying members as reflected on the records of MAGE on the first day of the month of January preceding the convening of the General Council.  Alternates may not exceed one for each delegate.  The full name and resident address of each delegate and alternate to the General Council shall be furnished to the Secretary-Treasurer not later than March 15.  The Secretary-Treasurer shall confirm the delegates and alternates elected or selected are members in good standing of the district.  The delegate shall continue in office until the convening of the next session of the General Council unless replaced by an alternate.   Delegates shall be allocated as follows:

                      1  -  40   50       1 delegate
             41   51 -  80  100      2 delegates
           81  101 - 120 150      3 delegates, etc.

Late resolutions may still be presented to the General Council, subject to the rules specified in the bylaws.  If you have any questions about this please contact the MAGE office for clarification.