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Letter to Editor

My name is Al Quattrin.  I am the President of MAGE (Michigan Association of Governmental Employees).  MAGE represents the Sergeants, Lieutenants, Captains and Wardens in the MDOC.  I spent 32 years in the MDOC.  I testified to the Civil Service Commission regarding the Aramark contract and warned of the dire consequences should Aramark perform as indicated by their history.  I told the Commission that the savings would disappear quickly should Aramark create serious turmoil within the correctional facilities.  This could include serious injuries and, God forbid, the possible loss of life.

Now the problems are growing daily and the proposed resolutions from politicians who do not have a clue regarding the operation of correctional facilities may, in fact, create the disaster they hope to avoid.

I understand the Republican plan is to rebid the contract.  That's just wrong and may be the spark that sends our prison system into chaos.  The unknown among prisoners and staff during another transition may very well set things off.  It's much better if prisoners know they will return to our Food Service that provided decent edible food.  That would keep things calm until normalcy is restored.  Understand we already have developed a group of prisoners profiting from this Aramark wreck with stolen food and new drug sources and sexual favors.  That in itself will require additional attention of all prison staff.

I believe it is in the best interest of those employees who work behind prison walls to return to the dependability of the state employees who performed without the drama that is now a daily occurrence in correctional facilities across the state.

Alan J. Quatrin, President
Michigan Association of Governmental Employees