News Manager

Civil Service Commission 9/17/14

Once again our sincere, dedicated and conscientious Commissioner, Charles Blockett,Jr.,attempted to maintain the credibility and viability of the Commission by proposing a motion which would direct the Department of Civil Service to review the standards for the contracting out of services.

Once again the motion was defeated as a result of a deadlock. Commissioner Wardrop and Commissioner Barrett voted against the motion.

This motion was made in response to MAGE and many unions voicing their concerns about the current procedures and the fact that the “quality of service” rendered from profiteers is not a consideration in approving contracts. I remain concerned for the safety of our veterans in our hospitals and our employees in our prisons. As I warned the Commission many months ago… “It is only a matter of time until this contract in food service in our prisons results in a serious injury or deathof an employee”.

By Alan Quattrin, MAGE President