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Deadline to file for OPEIU Scholarships is March 31

The OPEIU scholarships are a great benefit for MAGE-OPEIU members and their families.  Below is a link to all the forms and eligibility and rules for each of the scholarships offered.   Many MAGE members' children have won various scholarships offered by MAGE, OPEIU and Union Plus.  The Howard Coughlin Scholarship offers both full time and part time scholarships valued at up to $6,500!

Don't wait - apply today!  The deadline for OPEIU to receive these applications is March 31.  Please remember that you must send in the completed form to the MAGE office so we can sign the portion which verifies your membership status so don't delay, send it in today!  It really does pay to belong!

Click here to print:   2015 OPEIU Scholarship Applications and Rules

Fill out the application and mail to:  

MAGE - OPEIU Local 2002
6920 S. Cedar, Suite 7
Lansing, MI  48911