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MAGE attends MiSACWIS meeting.

MAGE's Director of Labor Relations, John DeTizio and Labor Relations Representative Ralph Riddle attended a successful Michigan Statewide Automated Child Welfare Information System (MiSACWIS) informational meeting (pictured below).   MAGE member Nichole Jackson and MAGE staff are pleased with the progress being made on the MiSACWIS.   

"I'm impressed with the sincere dedication shown by Dept. of Health and Human Services staff.  It is clear they are determinded to make this system work for our supervisors and their staff.   There is no doubt that it will make our jobs easier as the kinks are ironed out", said Labor Relations Director, John DeTizio.  "The fact that Director Nick Lyon attended and is clearly intimately involved in the process confirms that the department is serious about making this system work for the betterment of all involved", stated DeTizio.  

L-R:  Nick Lyon, Nichole Jackson and John DeTizio

L-R:  Nick Lyon, Nichole Jackson and Ralph Riddle