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Coordinated Compensation Process

Coordinated Compensation Process (CCP)

I would like to briefly update you on what MAGE will be arguing for in this year’s meetings, which will address your compensation for the fiscal year beginning in October of 2016.
  1.  MAGE will be arguing for a 4% base wage increase for all NEREs. 
  2. MAGE will be requesting a special 4% base wage increase for all RN Managers and Supervisors in addition to the 4% base wage increase.  We believe that this will relieve the recruitment/retention problem which is precipitating the mandatory overtime problems plaguing our RN Managers and Supervisors throughout the state. 
  3. Shift Preference for Corrections Shift Supervisors (CSSs):  MAGE is requesting that CSSs be allowed to use seniority to select shift assignments and where appropriate, also select assignments within a given shift. 
  4. Promotion Incentive:  In an effort to address the wage compression problem between Managers and the rank and file, and in an effort to address the perception currently harbored by most rank and file, that being that it is simply not worth working hard to get promoted, MAGE is requesting an incentive payment for remaining in NERE positions.  A 1% wage increase or lump sum bonus at 5, 10, 15 and 20 year intervals.  
Please keep in mind this is MAGE's proposal, and it has not been approved by the Civil Service Commission at this date.  Click here for the complete CCP Proposal for FY 16-17