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New CS-100 Grievance Form


MAGE- OPEIU Local 2002 members should be aware that Civil Service has updated the CS-100; which is the grievance form for Non-Exclusively Represented Employees (NEREs).  The new form and updated regulations will take effect October 1, 2015.  

While there has been no change in the time limits and filing rights, they have updated the regulation language to be shorter and more succinct.  The Hearings Division now prefers to receive this form electronically.   If you cannot file electronically, you will need to get permission from Civil Service to file in paper form.  We have provided a link below to the new grievance form and to the regulations below.  

MAGE members are encouraged to call the MAGE office at 1-800-477-MAGE before filing the grievance for proper grievance language and if there are any questions regarding Civil Service Rules, the grievance procedure or time limits for filing at the various steps. 

Below are key points and links:
  • There has been no change to the time limits.   Initial grievance must be filed in writing within 14 calendar days after the employee knew of or in the exercise of reasonable diligence, should have known of the circumstances giving rise to the grievance.
  • All grievances appeals to Civil Service must be in response to a department’s answer or failure to answer at Step 2, and must be filed to unless a prior request for an alternative filing method is granted by the CSHO’s administrative officer.   This means that if you do not have access to a computer to file electronically you must receive prior permission to file in another manner. 
Please remember to contact MAGE for language, and send us a copy of the grievance.
The grievance belongs to the individual, and you are responsible to keep track of time limits.

Click here to link to the Civil Service website, CS-100 form

Click here to link to the New Regulation 8.01 Grievance and Appeals

Any questions please call 1-800-477-6243 and Julie VanHorn the Assistant to the Labor Relations Dept. can assist you. 

You may mail/fax or email the labor representative's copy to MAGE at:    
MAGE – OPEIU Local 2002
6920 South Cedar, Suite 7
Lansing MI  48911
Fax  (517) 694-8250