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Mandatory Overtime for RNs

As you may know, MAGE has been addressing this issue of mandatory overtime for our RN supervisors in DHHS for a very long time.  We have met with numerous state representatives and convened countless meetings with the department.

We are now advocating for a special 4%  wage increase for RN supervisors which would reduce the recruitment/retention problem, which we know is exacerbating the mandatory overtime problem.

I will be meeting with Senator Stabenaw next week, and I intend to bring this issue to her attention.

Please view the well researched Lansing State Journal article on this pressing issue (link below).  I hope you all take a moment to read it and maybe send a little email to your own state representative supporting the plight of your fellow MAGE members.  Thank you and thanks to all our RNs! 

Alan Quattrin, MAGE President

Click here for the LSJ Article