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MAGE Assists Flint

The UFCW 951 has arranged for a discounted rate with Meijer for any organization that would like to purchase large quantities of water for Flint.  All water will be loaded by UFCW 951 members at the distribution centers and then driven by a UFCW 951 driver to the Flint area food bank warehouse for distribution to the residents of Flint (see flyer below).

During the Board of Director's Meeting on Saturday the Board unanimously voted to show support for Flint.  Each District and MAGE as an organization have donated funds to the UFCW 951 & Meijer.   These funds will pay for 1/2 a truck filled with bottled water which will be donated to the Flint food bank for distribution.   

Any organization that would like to assist or donated funds  can contact Todd Regis at the UFCW 951 at 1-800-999-0951 x 111.

Click here for the flyer.