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Supreme Court Issues Order

Dear MAGE Members,

Below is a link to the long awaited Supreme Court Order on the State’s Application For Leave to Appeal in the  3% pay raise suit.  This had been held in abeyance pending the Supreme Court’s decision in the right to work and the 4% deductions cases. We Had been anticipating an Order ever since the Supreme Court decided those two cases last year. 

Click here to see Supreme Court Order

As you will see, the Supreme Court did not decide the State’s leave application.  Instead,  it wants further briefing and oral argument.  Unsurprisingly, this Supreme Court sounds skeptical.  In fact, the way the Court has framed the issue seems to allow us little room for success.

Of course we have to remember that as a result of this lawsuit, MAGE members already received a 3% raise and 2% lump sum the following year when the rank and file only received a 1% raise and 1% lump sum. Still we have remained hopeful that we might obtain some exemplary damages which your MAGE board of directors has already decided would go directly to our members. 

Briefs are due by March 16. Please watch your MAGE web page for updates on this issue as they arise.