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2016 General Council

Delegates and Alternates to the 2016 General Council met on Saturday, May 14, 2016.  President Quattrin welcomed the General Council, then Representative Sam Singh was introduced to the group by Todd Tennis of Capitol Services.  Rep. Singh discussed the happenings at the State Legislature and answered questions from the floor.  Todd Tennis followed up with a discussion about current legislation and the upcoming revenue estimating conference (see separate article with MAGE legislative report). 

President Quattrin addressed the group and reported on the 4% lawsuit, RTW legislation and the difficulties in making progress for our members with the republican dominated legislature and administration.   He reported that there has been some progress in the mandatory overtime problem in the State hospitals.   He discussed the new DHHS MAGE/management committee formed to find solutions to the CPS and APS issues of staffing, caseloads, on-call pay and problems with the new computer system.  He vowed to pursue the issue of Sergeants working out of class in the DOC because no one wants to promote.  He reported the Senate's demands to close 2 more prisons.  He introduced MAGE's new labor rep/counsel Peter Neu.  Finally he reminded the delegates that if not for MAGE the RNs would not have received the $1.50 special raises, the CSS would not have received the .55 per hour raise above what the rank and file received, our ARUSs would not have received the special .80 per hour raise, the Dentist Supv. would not have received the $6,000 bonuses, the Pharmacist Managers would not have received the special 10% wage increase and the Conservation Officers Supv. would not have received the $3 a day emergency response compensation.   All in all without MAGE the NEREs would be much farther behind in compensation. He reminded the delegates that as ambassadors of MAGE it is their duty to spread the word and tell a non-member about MAGE,  and use the Kindles they received to spread the word. 

John Roy Castillo, Nominations and Resolutions Committee Chair presented the slate of officers to the Council and the following were all elected by acclamation:

Alan Quattrin, President
Michael Herendeen, 1st Vice President
Brant Wimbush, 2nd Vice President
Ann Sanders, Secretary/Treasurer

Angela Shelby, Statewide Recruitment Director and Julie Milanowski from Davenport University gave a presentation about the special discounts offered to State of Michigan Employees by Davenport University. 

Lunch was served, door prizes were awarded and the Districts broke into groups to hold the District Elections.   
The General Council reconvened and MAGE's legal counsel, Brandon Zuk reported on the recent Supreme Court hearing, and how the case has progressed.   MAGE Rep/Counsel Peter Neu discussed the Family Medical Leave Act as it pertains to their Sate employment, and reported that members with questions should call the office for advice. 

President Quattrin announced that the Executive Committee has withdrawn the resolution, therefore there were no further resolutions to discuss.  The Districts reported the District election results as follows:

District 1 Director:  Kay Hiltunen,  District 1 Deputy Director, Douglas Barry
District 2 Director:  Mark Krupiarz and District 2 Director, Kenneth Dunton
District 3 Director:  Mike Shelley and District 3 Deputy Director, Shane O'Brien
District 4 Director:  JoAnne Cripps and District 4 Deputy Director, Patrese Davis
District 5 Director:  Georgia Green and District 5 Deputy Director, Richard Koch
District 6 Director:  John Roy Castillo, and  District 6 Deputy Director Peter Neu
District 7 Director:  John DeTizio and District 7 Deputy Director Margaret Shultz
District 8 Director:  Cynthia Coleman and District 8 Deputy Director Elvira Chapman
District 9 Director:  Demetrius Starling and District 9 Deputy Director, Dorothy Flowers

The Oath of office was administered by Mary Pollock and the Council was adjourned.