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Compensation Update for FY 17/18

The MAGE Compensation Process for the non-exclusively represented employees (NEREs) has culminated with the Civil Service Commission approving a 3% general wage increase, effective FY October 2017/18 and no increases in healthcare premiums.  In addition, continued funding of $250,000 to the Professional Development Fund was approved. 
MAGE members will recall that historically MAGE has secured special wage increases for certain embattled classes.  This year is no exception.  MAGE has been advocating for a general wage increase for RN Managers who have been being mandated to work overtime incessantly due to a retention/recruitment problem. 
At the December 14, 2016 Civil Service Commission meeting, the Commission approved a pilot program which will pave the way for Departments to provide a $5,000 recruitment bonus for newly hired RN Managers and a $5,000 retention bonus for current RN Managers.  It is important to note that this will only apply to the RN Managers.
In the past, MAGE has also succeeded in securing similar special wage increases in classifications such as Corrections Shift Supervisors, Inspectors, Assistant Resident Unit Managers, Dentists, Conservation Officers… and the list goes on.  In addition, MAGE continues to fight in the trenches, day-in and day-out handling disciplinary actions and grievances, claims of discrimination, retaliation, hostile environments, reclassifications and claims of working out of class, Federal Labor Standards Act and Family Medical Leave Act violations, in addition to lobbyist representation at the Capitol. 
Our lobbyists report that our health care retirement benefits are now under attack.  Our current procedure for including overtime in retirement calculations is also in jeopardy.  There is also a continuing effort in the legislature to emasculate the Civil Service and its rules, dismantling “just cause” for discipline, opening the door for firing state employees at will.  MAGE is already gearing up for new lawsuits regarding these issues.  Lawsuits cost money. 
I urge our current MAGE members to convince all of your NERE peers to get involved by joining MAGE now and support the cause of preserving your jobs, your fair wages and benefits and your working conditions.  If we don’t all work together, no one else will.  In the good times and bad, together we are stronger!

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I wish you all a happy, healthy, peaceful Holiday Season.
In Solidarity,  Alan Quattrin, MAGE President